Phyllis Vernon Painting


Len took several photos of this stunning member of the toucan family when we were in Belize in January.  Watch for more paintings of him ~ at the moment they’re still in my head.

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Lionfish are an invasive species that are destroying the reefs off Florida and the Caribbean.  They have voracious appetites and consume dozens of other fish in every feeding, thus drastically reducing fish populations and altering reef ecosystems.  They can lay up to 30,000 eggs every four days, and their venomous spines leave them with no known predators in Florida waters.  Divers spear as many as possible and they are apparently good to eat.  This is the only time I have ever known the title for a painting before I began it!

You can see some in the Toronto Aquarium.

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Fish Market

Puerto Escondido is on the south coast of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.  It’s a small fishing town with surf big enough for competition ~ and there’s a daily fish market stocked by local fisherman who carry their catch across the beach from their little white fishing boats.  The women clean them on site and off you go with dinner under your arm.

16″ x 20″

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Havana Washday

It seems every balcony in Havana has washing hanging;  I have dozens of reference photos so watch for more!

14″ x 12″

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