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People are always surprised at the wide range of painting subjects and styles when they see an exhibit of my work  and inevitably ask ”How many artists are included here?”  For many years I painted a wide variety of subjects in watercolour: local country landscapes, sketches during our extensive world travels, studio paintings from photos and sketches, ocean wildlife and landscapes when I learned to dive.

I have always loved horses, and have ridden for many years, first in the hunter world and now in dressage.  My current beauty is a young  Hanoverian gelding named Jericho, and we are working with a professional coach.  Recently my passion for these animals led me to decide it was time to start painting them and I’m having great fun doing this in acrylics, graphite and multimedia.

I also enjoy doing Commissions and have completed many in a variety of media  ~graphite, watercolour, acrylic ~  ranging from clients’ ancestral homes abroad,  locations with personal significance and, of course, horses.

I’m presently painting a new series : local heritage barns.  These were generally built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and give us a an historical and cultural view of the small family farm.  A few have been renovated, repaired and repurposed but so many more have disappeared.  Those that remain stand derelict and rather sad, awaiting their turn with the bulldozer and subdivisions.  I photograph and paint them to perpetuate their memory.  No trace remains of the barns in some of my paintings and photographs.  Can I paint quickly enough to capture some of the ones that remain?

I hope you enjoy browsing this sample of my paintings ~ share your reflections with me, and if you are interested in purchasing, please email me at  

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Lookdown Fish

Believe-it-or-not, this is this fish’s name:  unless you want to use its scientific moniker:  Selene Vomer!  I’ve never seen these guys when diving, and took my reference shots through windows of an aquarium in Vegas.

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Turtle Glide 2

These great giant monsters make you feel very small – and ultimately peaceful – untill you notice their overbite!  I painted the watercolour paper with gesso to begin this painting and hence have areas that do not accpet the watercolour but add lovely texture, the feel of the coral. 

22″ x 30″

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Fish Market

Puerto Escondido is on the south coast of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.  It’s a small fishing town with surf big enough for competition ~ and there’s a daily fish market stocked by local fisherman who carry their catch across the beach from their little white fishing boats.  The women clean them on site and off you go with dinner under your arm.

16″ x 20″

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